Here we are in our secret den
With sunshine by day
And moonbeams at night 

Stories of smiles, surprises and sneezes
Of witches and kings
And old violins

Doors that creak and goblins that speak
A cold wind that blows
A shiny red nose….

Are we all ready? Then lets all gather round and listen to a story……

Dandelion Den Childrens Audio Books

Unique Musical Stories for Children 5+



  • Each story ‘hand stitched’ throughout with its own themed music by Floralie Day
  • Bursting with character
  • Captures the childs imagination
  • A bonding listening experience for the whole family
  • Fun for the grown ups too!


Hello everyone

I’m really proud to publish my very first online collection of original stories for children. These three stories, each bursting with colourful characters, have there own specially composed theme tune and incidental music to develop aural awareness, stimulate the imagination and encourage healthy listening skills.

Simple and homely as well as entertaining, these stories are ideal for in the car, cuddle time, bedtime, playtime-anytime! Indeed, whilst fun for children, I reckon there’s much to amuse the grown-ups as well!


Settle down, close your eyes and let Dandelion Den take you away to far away places of wonder and magic….


  • Three unique stories written and narrated by Floralie Day
  • Especially composed musical score and effects illustrate each story so that the child experiences enhanced drama through sound
  • Encourages development of emotional literacy
  • Timeless story themes to entertain all ages
  • All music composed by Floralie Day
  • Home crafted and produced exclusively in house at Dandelion Den

Featured Story


Why is the man stealing some lettuces? And who is the beautiful girl locked in the tower? A classic tale adapted for the whole family.

percy pig

Our own special adaptation of Rapunzel – Watch for FREE!

With original music and hand painted artwork by Floralie Day