May 14 2016

I hope you enjoy singing along while watching my animations. These are just some of my favourite songs and rhymes from childhood.   If you like them, please share with your friends! Oh – and maybe you can think of some more you would like to see at dandelion den? If so, why not write and let me know!

Songs available as an mp3 album




Singalong album

Mp3 download – running time 31 mins.

All your favourite rhymes and songs in this compilation available to download now for only £7.99.   Wonderful musical fun for the whole family. Longer versions with instrumental interludes to sing and dance along to all arranged and performed by Floralie Day.  Livelier tunes at the beginning with gentler songs towards the end so can be enjoyed even before bedtime.


My name is Florally Day and welcome to dandelion den. These songs, animations and stories began life almost two years ago when I decided to record and illustrate a collection of my favourite childhood rhymes and stories, together with a few of my own. This led to writing my own stories inspired by the animals farms and villages nearby. Created during the lush summer months amongst dandelions and daisies, dandelion den was born. Hand drawn and home crafted with original music and arrangements, I wished to create an enchanting world of music and pictures to inspire the imaginations of children everywhere.

Is Dandelion Den a real place? I like to think so…. somewhere right at the bottom of the garden in the hollow of the old oak tree between the blackberry bush and the rhubarb patch. It’s a very special place and I’d love to share it with you. A place to make new friendsand have fun… our very own secret little world…

I hope you enjoy the songs and poems as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them. Do please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.


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