About Dandelion Den


photo4webMy name is Floralie Day and welcome to dandelion den- the home of distinctly hand crafted, musical fun for children. As a musician who has been teaching music to children for over 30 years, I am passionate about creating quality music for young children as their aural awareness forms and develops.  I noticed how few distinctively composed songs there are on the tv and internet that aren’t ‘synthetically ‘ produced.  Because of this, I decided to record and illustrate a collection of my favourite childhood rhymes and poems for my very young pupils, using appealing rhythmic and harmonic patterns that encourage healthy listening skills.  These proved very popular with both parents and children, so I began writing my own songs and stories inspired by the animals, farms and villages nearby. Created during the lush summer months amongst the dandelions and daisies, dandelion den was born. Hand drawn using simple software and set to my own original music and arrangements, I wished to create a uniquely enchanting world of music and pictures to inspire, educate and engage the aural and visual imaginations of children everywhere.

I am delighted to share my collection with you and I’m hoping the grown-ups will enjoy it as much as the young ones. The dandelion den philosophy is ‘quality with simplicity’ – we believe in creating a meaningful listening experience for both parent and child – often calming and gentle, but always fun too. And it’s very much an organic process – composing, narrating, animating, drawing…it all takes time, but we’re in no hurry!

Is Dandelion Den a real place? I like to think so…. somewhere right at the bottom of the garden in the hollow of the old oak tree between the blackberry bush and the rhubarb patch. It’s a very special place and I’d love to share it with you. A place to make new friends and have fun… our very own secret little world…

Thank you for telling me how much you enjoy the songs, stories and poems! I’ve really enjoyed creating them.  Do keep writing in, it’s lovely to hear from you.  And don’t forget to share with your friends!